Does Good Design Matter?

"Leave it better than you found it.”

Robert Baden-Powell

A good graphic designer understands that fonts, colors and images are merely resources for telling a story. When used correctly, those resources not only catch your eye, but also convey valuable information, like who your company is – or what is your purpose.

In the real world, most businesses seriously undervalue graphic design, or worse, they think it holds no value at all. If you’re a small business owner, here are five reasons why good graphic design matters, and why it’s worth it to work with a professional.

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”

– Joel Spolsky  | Trello


Did you know that most people form an opinion about a website in less than 50 milliseconds? That’s not much time to get someone’s attention and have them feel something about your brand. And, out of all the design elements or images on a page, it’s the company logo that draws the most attention from visitors. Get this wrong and you probably won’t get a second chance to win their trust. Good graphic design says: I’m professional, and clearly shows who you are as a company.

With such a short window of time to make an impression, don’t leave your brand design to an amateur.


An image, logo or social media graphic quickly gives a snapshot of who you are and what you’re all about. That’s because good graphic designers are not just artists; they’re information designers who make the complex easy to understand. A graphic designer who understands your mission, vision and values will deliver this everytime.


Nothing is more confusing to potential customers than seeing inconsistent messaging from a brand. You may think it’s cool to have a different look for your company on social media platforms and another one for your print publications, but it’s doing more harm than good. At every touch point, online and offline, your brand needs to be telling the same story and delivering the same messaging. Good graphic design can help keep your branding consistent by creating guidelines that require everyone to use the same fonts, colors, tone and voice. Consistency builds trust and recognition.


Love it or hate (I feel strongly both ways about it) Social media is one of the best platforms to find new customers, and create a tribe of loyal followers. Using good graphic design and brand consistency shapes your brand and creates your unique voice. Everything from your cover art to your social posts should quickly help people recognize your brand. Make sure your images are interesting and branded. Create shareable content, like infographics and memes, that help expand your brand’s reach outside of your established follower base.  Above all else, be honest about who you are.


So don’t be boring. Avoid stock images and played-out design styles. It takes a skilled designer to create memorable, unique logos, elegant websites, and marketing pieces that can stand out and feel special.

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