Butterfly Effect Theatre of Colorado – photoshoot fun



Working with The Butterfly Effect Theatre of Colorado and for the fifth year in a row was a super fun, creative adventure. 

BETC is a national award-winning theatre. Their 2019 show line-up was thoughtful, layered with modern-day relevance, and as always; entertaining!  

With a fresh, edgy take on the beloved Pride & Prejudice, and a deep dive into teen angst, peer pressure and competition (The Wolves); Just to name a few….duality and transcendence were major themes for BETC.

Encouragement to look beyond the everyday, politics and even screens is an overarching message throughout this year’s season. Aka take a break from your news feed or social media and take in an awesome performance, advice I’d love to follow!

BETC is a serious theatre with some major cred. After a great meeting with FIG and BETC, we wanted to show the hidden and double meanings we had discussed within the shows as a way to describe each show, and also unify the look and feel of the entire season. I kept thinking back on the old fashioned double exposure work done in film photography, as well as the rise of double exposure photoshop work trending. So the sketching and image gathering began. Mood boards, emails and Zoom chats were followed by an all-day photoshoot. The photoshoot took place at the BETC headquarters with their crew of talented stylists, and excellent photographer. Wig teasing, fake eyelashes, purple hair extensions and corset snapping transformed actors into our characters.  It was incredible to see the actors transform – the things they can do with their eyes and body language were unreal. 

A few days later the beautiful photos rolled in, and I got to work with my trusted co-designer, Spencer photoshoppin’ away. The final results from the planning, styling and designing were billboards, bus signage, brochures, countless ads and marketing materials that are all pieces of one theme, one family of style. 

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